Cannibal Lovers Movie Review

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Written and directed by Tara Eary, Cannibal Lovers is about a couple who are forced to take desperate measures to get through desperate times. The movie virtually uses only one set and so, it is primarily focused on the interaction between the main characters. The movie was released in 2008, and received a lukewarm response from the audiences. Given the graphic nature of the movie, viewer discretion is definitely advised.

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Cannibal Lovers, as the name indicates, is the story of two lovers who are trying to survive through an apocalyptic event. They are desperately running from the creatures that are waiting to kill them. In their bid to survive, they lock themselves in a basement, and secure it so that the creatures cannot find them. All they have beside each other is a mattress on a cold floor, and a few other things to keep them warm. They have little to no supplies to keep them alive. Yet, the comfort of being safe inside is far better for them, as against falling prey to the creatures outside, whose scary noises from outside can often be heard. They dare not open the door and step outside, or the creatures would feast on them. The couple is very much in love, but this test, this extreme circumstance can pull anyone apart. They have been in the basement for months and have run out of supplies. They are trying very hard to live and they need food. They are dying of hunger and that is when it starts.

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The title of the movie more or less gives away the plot. Yes, the movie is gory and there are a lot of scenes that may gross out many. After all, there is cannibalism, which is far from anything normal and it does send shivers through the body. What is different, however, is the calmness with which the couple eases into it. There is a scene in the movie where the woman wakes up and is feeling hungry. She takes her own toe, slashes it and eats it. It is a difficult scene to watch, but there is no drama around it. They are eating each other and themselves, and the calmness adds another level of eeriness to it.

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The cast of the movie includes Melissa Chapman, Jake Perry and Brent Waffle. Melissa Chapman plays the role of the woman in the movie. However, either of the couple is never named. She has done a couple of movies and you may identify her from the more recent films like In a Cage from 2013 or The Wish, released in 2015. Jake Perry, the man, has also appeared in movies like Trippin’ and Vanessa Rising. Brent Waffle also plays a small part in the movie. He has movies like Christmas in Wonderland, Children of Corn, Screamers: The Hunting, to his credit. The movie is produced by Jessica Hage and Geoff Janssen. The director of the movie, Tara Eary, is also behind movies like The Dork of the Rings and Small Change. She is experienced in this genre and has been involved with a web series about zombies, among others.

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The actors have delivered good and convincing performances. It is not the best that you may have seen, but it is definitely not bad. The sound and light effects are especially good. Every time you hear the guttural sounds of the flesh eating monsters, it does send a chill down the spine. Given the movie was mostly shot in just a room, it heavily depended on the acting skills of the performers in the movie and the sound department.

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Cannibal Lovers is not a movie for everyone. It has its fair share of gory and dark scenes. If you are into the zombie apocalypse type of movies, you can watch the movie on a computer or television via the Internet, and you may even enjoy it.